Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Mohawk pumps

Everyone's talking about YSL's mohawk pump. Sure we've all seen and know what a mohawk is - but seeing a mohawk shoe is definitely something new. These hair-raising heels tower at 6-inches and 1-inch curved platform that's available in electric blue, pink and black suede.  Wanna know where the mohawk hair came from? Nonetheless from goat's hair trim. Our verdict - these pumps are definitely a show-stopper and eye-catcher but wait till you hear the price tag - a whooping $935!
Take a look at the pictures and tell us what you think.

The latest fad: Mohawk pumps from YSL.

Teyana Taylor at the premiere of jumping the broom on Weds.

Does the pumps look like Demi Moore's hair? We bet! Anyway this isn't Demi's real hair, it was a prank pulled yet again by her husband Ashton Kucher. Read here

Thank you for reading and have a happy mohawk Wednesday.