Sunday, July 24, 2011

Look at LUCA LUCA.

After reading their description from their website, we understand that LUCA LUCA is founded in Italy, Milan in 1991 and is a high fashion women's luxury lifestyle brand. They branch out to the States in 1997 and made their debut on Fashion Week the following year. We also know that the founder's name is Luca Orlandi (of course it was named after the founder). Apart from that, we couldn't really find anything exceptional about this luxury brand - except that an online magazine name one of LUCA LUCA's piece as "Runway Misses"(read here). While we agree that LUCA LUCA's got some interesting pieces that we would totally wear (omg the layering in their Fall 2011 collection is brilliant and reminds us of trees, leaves and shrubs!) - there are some that made us question their taste (whats with the fuchsia beanie?). Take a look at our the pieces we love and the ones that made us cringe in our seat (think fuchsia beanie again and a jacket that looks like a dandelion florets). 

First see our favorite pieces and see if you agree with us.

Here are those that miss-the-spot for us.

the fuchsia beanie

the dandelion

LUCA LUCA is located in Madison Avenue. Here's the full address:-
 New York
1011 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10075
(212) 288-9285

LUCA LUCA in Italy, Milan.