Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week in fashion.

This is a momentous year for gay pride in New York. 
This year's gay parade celebrates the passage of gay marriage and you know what I'll say to that?It's about damn time guys! Here's some photos of the parade.

It was a triumph celebration for the LGBT community, even celebrities were joining in the win. Alec Baldwin tweeted 'Marriage yes,', while Pink wrote on Twitter: 'Congratulations!About time!".
And Lindsay Lohan congratulated the state's governor, tweeting: 'Nice work to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.'

New York is the sixth state that passed the gay marriage law after Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and Washington D.C. 
We hope to see more states approving gay marriage laws for the future! Now back to fashion news.

Will you wear this?
Louboutin designed these pointe shoes (yes, they sport an eight inch heel!) and they're up for auction in order to benefit the English National Ballet.

I'm confused. Is this for dancing or what? Maybe it's used for the game called "let's see who falls first!"

Gaga's Japan TV appearance.Everyone say PANDA GAGA. Watch video!

Love Gaga in that Hello Kitty doll dress. I mean only she can pull that off without looking ridiculously insane.

FASHION TREND: Pyjama pants taking over the Resort 2012 Fashion

We see a lot of loose breezy pants for the 2012 resort collection. They look so comfortable that one could possibly sleep in it, although these designers "pyjama" pants don't come cheap!
We like them still, a lot. It's simple, casual and effortless. Perfect for the summer vacation.


Chriz Benz

Alexander Herchcovitch

Jen Kao


John Patrick


Michael Angel

3.1 Phillip Lim


Theysken Theory
Which is your favorite?

HOT ON THE BLOGS: Everyone is talking about the Men's fashion week.
All the fashion blogs are blowing up with Men's fashion week. We see Thierry Mugler in the spotlight. Watch video to see the latest 2012 collection.

Nicola Formichetti did a pretty good job, I mean with Lady Gaga as his BFF what could go wrong?

However we have our eyes on Walter Van Beirendonck. Here are some pictures from his S/S 2012 collection called "Cloud #9".

Watch the runway here.

That's all folks. Check in again soon and happy thursday.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

EVENT: The Elle Files Fashion Fete

The Elle Files hosted its first fashion fete in a NYC loft - seen here with loads of sunlight. I brought along a friend, Angie, my fashionable greek model companion and she showed up with a gorgeous gorgeous pair of Rachel Roy shoe. We had some wine and cupcake and manage to talked to a couple of interesting people who organized the event. We also gave away a couple of bucks in order to score the lucky draw gift bag - to which went to someone else. We're in such high spirit that it didn't matter (Angie was too busy buying few classic vintage pieces from Brooklyn Queen and I was obsessed with the cupcakes and the decor of the place).
It was an overall joyous event. Hope to see more next year.

Me, Angie and the beautiful ladies of the Elle files.

Angie overjoyed with her buys from Brooklyn Queen Vintage.

The Rachel Roy shoe.

Keira, one of our good friend and owner of Brooklyn Queen Vintage.

Tyrone of True Fashionista Now taking photo of Angie's shoe

Thank you Tyrone for this picture of my necklace that I made a few years ago using five different shades of pearls.

Thank you for the photos Tyrone. Check out Tyrone's blog at

Thank you for reading and check in soon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Pick:The Braced-Lets bracelet

Seen here is the "latest" jewelery fad - the braced-lets. This summer, jewelry designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost, along with her orthodontist sister, Jennifer, and Jennifer's partner Dr. Marc Lemchen came up with the latest must-have: a bangle that is made out of metal brackets (used as braces of course) and rubber parts.

I have to say, it looks rather attractive when you put a bunch of them together. Even better when you have bright nail color! This bracelet have all the potential to be the "it" accessory for summer. Needless to mention, it's a good conversation starter. Think showing off to people you want to impress - telling them recycling or eco-friendly is the way to go.

If you ask whether I'll be seen with this - the answer is yes. Having braces in middle school, this will be a reminder of the pain and torture endured. Not to mention it'll ward off creepers - when you say those are the brackets from the braces you used to wear - full of germs, bacteria and streptococcus parasite (a germ in the mouth that can kill you).

For those of you who don't need this bracelet to ward off creepers, I would say go for the bright pink or lime green one. They look delicious.
You can buy it for $4.99 at bracedlets.

The latest fad: Using metal brackets from braces into bracelet.

Only for $4.99 at bracedlets.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Buzz Fashion Reporting

V Magazine Pits a Plus-Size Model Against a Skinny One
V magazine has released a preview of the issue "Page Six" had reported would be devoted to plus-size models. They shoot the editorial of the girls side-by-side in the same looks and similar poses. The point is to prove that "fashion can flatter any figure"

Now we ask ourselves - which is the skinny model again? Cause both of them look darn good.

This is the measurement of the models:
Jacquelyn: 5 ft, 9 in; 32/24/34
Crystal Renn: 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41

The Hipster Retailer does it again
Remember those days when American Apparel use porn-y ad that gets the world talking? Gone were those days along with Dov Charney's career. Seen in this American Apparel ad is the prominent model's pubic hair peeking behind those lace underwear. Some call it provocative and interesting.

We call it tacky.
No, your mom does not want to see you leaving the house like that.

Gaga at the CFDA awards
Look at what Gaga wore to the CFDA awards. Question is - should we be surprise,really? She "accidently" showed her nipple at the carpet, which we think highly doubt is accidental. And she dance the night away in the after party wearing only her spike thong. The only thing we love about the whole put together is her makeup.And maybe the blue wig.

In her acceptance speech she told the audience, “I can’t believe I’m allowed in here.” She also recounted a story about receiving a text from an “Anna” who she thought was her friend/ Nicola Formichetti‘s assistant, Anna Trevelyan. The text was telling her that she won the Fashion Icon Award. She responded by saying, “Yes, bitch, we did it!” But it wasn’t Trevelyan who texted her; it was Anna Wintour. The editrix’s reply? “That’s lovely.”

Cute canvas shopping bag for the summer
Poor BUT Sexy

Can't afford a birkin

That's all folks for your dose of fashion reporting. Now get your ass out there to the braving hot sun.
Happy Friday.