Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Confirmed: Olivier Rousteing Named Head Designer at Balmain

It was just announced today that Balmain’s head designer post is assigned to Olivier Rousteing after Balmain fired Christophe Decarnin when he did not show up at his Fall 2011 show. After five years at Roberto Cavalli, Rousteing joined Balmain last year and began managing the women’s design studio.
You must be wondering – What’s the big deal? There are various designers leaving and joining different fashion houses every year - John Galliano was fired from Christian Dior after his racist remark at a Paris bar this year (Click here to read more).But trust us, we think Decarnin has made such an impact in women’s wear that this post is worth blogging about.
Christophe Decarnin was hired by Balmain five years ago and ever since he took over, sales have sky-rocketed to over 50% in recent years. Not only did Decarnin helped save the Paris fashion house but he also establish and brought back the aesthetic of rock-chic silhouette and only this French man can sell ripped T-shirt for $3,000! Can you believe what is happening to the world today?A ripped-open T-shirt sold for $3,000. The money can save hundreds of children’s lives in a third world country and yet fashion socialites donned them at parties and when asked what they’re wearing, they’ll nonchalantly say “It’s Balmain..” and make everyone realize how stupid they are by not noticing that ripped $3,000 T-shirt is today’s trend.
Balmain infamous ripped T-shirt. Designed by head designer Christophe Decarnin.

When famous celebrities started wearing cult-peaked shoulder jacket that looks like what Micheal Jackson has on in his triller video – the fashion world went craaazy.

Beyonce and Rihanna in Balmain's cult peaked shoulder jacket-blazer.

Kate Moss wearing Balmain.

Demi Moore wearing one of Balmain's goddess punk-rock dress. We adore this dress so much and we like to think that any girl can kill a guy wearing this (just by the peak of flesh in the hip-bone area!)

Again Rihanna in our favorite Balmain denim jacket.

Not to mention how we awed at each and everyone of his collection pieces every season .Every look coming off the runway is a show-stopper.

Now, again we asked - Decarnin, why did you not show up for your very own show? Has success gotten the best of you?
Rumors said that he was suffering from severe depression and doctor advised him from going out. Yet we don't understand. How such a talented French man with all the creativity in the world and a talent in making all these beautiful clothes have depression?
Decarnin and his favorite models.

Reports of Decarnin suffering from depression.
Now that Decarnin is out of the picture, we have no intention of looking out for Balmain next collection, and we officially close our fashion file on them...until they can win us over again.

Monday, April 25, 2011

EVENT:Pamela Quinzi Fashion Show and Celebration Party

Dining Engagement Group presents Italian Fashion Designer Pamela Quinzi Anniversary Party & 1st Year Celebration of Fashion and Dreams. A quick rundown of the event: The show took place at the rooftop of Sky Bar Times Square ,gift bags are provided for everyone by Signature Scent by Nicola and music is by french house DJ Jean Michel. Me and Sara are happy to be invited to see Pamela's latest collection - we love her shoes! They are to die for, no seriously. Take a look at the pictures we took and the gorgeous peeps we met.

the crowd at skyroom times square

the dj setting up the mood

gorgeous ladies at the show

Sara & friends

Sara & our local manhattan dj

and the show begins

Love the tri-color on the tail of the dress.

we love the shoes ALOT.

shoes again!

Look at the details in the boots. Good job Pamela.We absolutely adore it.

We like the model. We love the dress. We ADORE the boots.

Some of the beautiful guests of the night,.

Pamela Quinzi and her models.

Pamela looking good in an off-shoulder black dress.

Pearly & Sara

Sara & photographer

some of the fabulous guests of the night.

The awesome view from the rooftop.
That's all folks. We hope you enjoy our photos :)