Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This week in fashion.

This is a momentous year for gay pride in New York. 
This year's gay parade celebrates the passage of gay marriage and you know what I'll say to that?It's about damn time guys! Here's some photos of the parade.

It was a triumph celebration for the LGBT community, even celebrities were joining in the win. Alec Baldwin tweeted 'Marriage yes,', while Pink wrote on Twitter: 'Congratulations!About time!".
And Lindsay Lohan congratulated the state's governor, tweeting: 'Nice work to Gov. Andrew Cuomo.'

New York is the sixth state that passed the gay marriage law after Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa and Washington D.C. 
We hope to see more states approving gay marriage laws for the future! Now back to fashion news.

Will you wear this?
Louboutin designed these pointe shoes (yes, they sport an eight inch heel!) and they're up for auction in order to benefit the English National Ballet.

I'm confused. Is this for dancing or what? Maybe it's used for the game called "let's see who falls first!"

Gaga's Japan TV appearance.Everyone say PANDA GAGA. Watch video!

Love Gaga in that Hello Kitty doll dress. I mean only she can pull that off without looking ridiculously insane.

FASHION TREND: Pyjama pants taking over the Resort 2012 Fashion

We see a lot of loose breezy pants for the 2012 resort collection. They look so comfortable that one could possibly sleep in it, although these designers "pyjama" pants don't come cheap!
We like them still, a lot. It's simple, casual and effortless. Perfect for the summer vacation.


Chriz Benz

Alexander Herchcovitch

Jen Kao


John Patrick


Michael Angel

3.1 Phillip Lim


Theysken Theory
Which is your favorite?

HOT ON THE BLOGS: Everyone is talking about the Men's fashion week.
All the fashion blogs are blowing up with Men's fashion week. We see Thierry Mugler in the spotlight. Watch video to see the latest 2012 collection.

Nicola Formichetti did a pretty good job, I mean with Lady Gaga as his BFF what could go wrong?

However we have our eyes on Walter Van Beirendonck. Here are some pictures from his S/S 2012 collection called "Cloud #9".

Watch the runway here.

That's all folks. Check in again soon and happy thursday.