Monday, April 11, 2011

Katy Perry's Purr Perfume

Katy Perry's got some songs that we love, songs that were catchy enough for us to start singing at the top of our lungs "baby you're a fiiiiireeeeeeeeworksss.." in the shower.
But when we saw her latest perfume line called Purr. We must say - we're not so sure if we want to buy it or have anything to do with it - although we love her tracks. The purple cat and the diamond bottle seems more like, if anything, a joke to us.


While we understand her love for Hello Kitty cats and the punk rock fetish thing she's got, we think that having a perfume line with a cat - a purple one is hilarious.

The skin-tight purple/pink latex catsuit and the pink ball of yarn seems a little bit tacky to us. It's a hit or miss. Sadly, its a miss for us.

Will you be buying one of her Purr perfumes?
We say better stick to buying her songs on itunes.