Monday, April 11, 2011

FASHION: Bags obsession!

Marc Jacobs Fluorescent Tweed Purse ($995). Love the color studs on the bag, it goes so well with the tweed that we have to   put this bag first in our post. If daddy is rich, this is what you ask for.
Mulberry Alexa Quilted Denim Satchel ($1250). This bag is not yet two years old and it's already become an icon. Maybe partially due to fashion personality, Alexa Chung and partially to its yummy colors. Think raspberry and blueberry juice blend. What do you think?
Bea Valdes Metropolis Clutch ($2,438). One word - Futuristic!
Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Bag (2,695). This black leather bag is adorned with Swarovski crystal. Nothing charity about it judging by the price. It is however - a "sweet" bag.
DISLIKE: Celine Striped Cabas Tote ($780). This bag is created for the busy woman leisure weekend in the Hamptons. But we think that even a busy lady needs class. Period.
Jason  Wu Miss Wu Shoulder Bag ($1995). If Jason Wu had the perfect image of a woman, she will be carrying this bag. In the ideal world, we have to agree that Mr. Wu knows how to dress a lady.
Marc Jacobs Viper Bag ($1595). We love the orange serpent wrap around the top flap. We can totally see this bag in the streets of New York in springtime.
Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudiere ($,5,995). The entire piece of this minaudiere is encrusted with Asutrain crystals in juicy shades of ruby, aqua, gold, and petal. Feel like a Maharani with this collectors piece.
Miu Miu Lurex Stage Bag ($950). Love the jewel strap. The bag is truly a "gem".
DISLIKE:Ralph Lauren Crocodile Ricky bag ($16,995). Are you kidding us? Paying close to $17,000 for a dead crocodile skin in purple and bear the consequences of walking around in shame for caring out a huge dead animal? We say NO, please.
Chanel Classic Flap Bag ($7,000). We're in love with this Chanel classic. It's a statement maker for sure.
Prada Striped Paillettes Clutch ($1,050). Love the color contrast and the sparkly paillettes. Rock the dancefloor with this.

Judith Leiber Crystal-encrusted Owl Minaudiere ($3,800). We love how cute this owl looks - it even comes with a pocket mirror! The only thing is, we don't think you should use this as your purse on your first date with the cute guy you met at Starbucks. He may think that you're "Cuc-koo"
DISLIKE: Sang a Ritz Fur Clutch ($1,495). This emerald green fox fur can make anyone look like they are carrying a small baby fox out to an event - only its fur were dyed green (for all the wrong reasons). Be careful this bag might bite you.
Christian Louboutin Talita Clutch ($1,495). This hard-back novel size clutch  has a dual purpose - its 66 metal spikes can be used as a protective device.