Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EVENT: Dylan & Rose pop-up show at Georgia Salon Boutique

So a while ago, Sara and I went to the Dylan & Rose Spring 2011 collection pop-up show at Georgia Boutique & Salon at East Houston. The salon boutique has a quirky deco that boasts huge chandeliers and whimsical  victorian mirrors. Best of all, this place smells heavenly.
They sell anything from hair products, body lotion to sexy lingerie. And everywhere we look, there is some hidden treasure around the corner.
We highly recommend their body products - they smell so good that we just wanna scoff them down our throat. Absolutely yummy, and they use all natural ingredients too. Find out more here.

Georgia boutique is located at 89 A E. Houston St. Click here if you decide to drop by to see their vast collection of body products (we love their shampoos!). They have a very interesting story behind their store and products too which we find really aspiring. Read it here.

Now for the pictures:-
found some belts strap on to the pole

lingerie and delicious body lotion sure goes together

you can find amazing body products here

Sara looking at Dylan & Rose collection

We love their ready-to-wear collection. Click here to see more!

Whatever your hair texture is, they've got the products for you

Sara trying on a headband

the cosmetic parlor 

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Gorgeous poncho-top

a dylan and rose skirt

sara looking at the natural ingredients of the natural cream

a renowned London hairstylist at the salon at your service

the wall at Georgia boutique

Sara and blogger Pamela

me admiring the soothing ambience of the salon boutique

Will definitely come back here when my body product run out. It's a one-stop salon boutique where you can find almost anything.

Georgia. Be beautiful.