Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our favorite vintage store in BK.

Brooklyn has been blessed with a procession of cool vintage stores. As the weather progresses to spring time, these stores have been mobbed with consumer who hunts for bargains and steals relentlessly. There are a lot of interesting stores off the Bedford L train but nothing beats this store that we love to go a lot. We have sold our clothes there and bought a plenty. We even donated our fabrics and old clothes at the donation shelve that they will give out to charity.

Beacon’s closet in Brooklyn is located on North 11th St, a short five minutes walk from Bedford ave L stop. This store is one of the biggest vintage store in BK and has one of the most variety for ladies clothing, branded or non-branded, vintage or used clothing. We also love that they have a vast variety of shoes and boots for ladies. The men’s department is sizable and just as comparable.

M V jagged by Martinez Valero. $21.95

Men's polo by Ralph Lauren. $18.95

Safari vintage. $18.95

you can find literally anything here.we miss this place already

the store at park slope

store on williamsburg

Here the address if you decide to drop by and check it out yourself.
88 n 11th street
brooklyn, ny 11211
(718) 486-0816 

good luck and remember to share if you find anything good!